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Dane - (813) 422-8574

My name is Dane, was born in Port Maria, St. Mary Jamaica - that’s the inspiration for the ‘maica’ portion of Caromaica. I was raised in Governors Pen, St. Mary and Pembroke Hall, Kingston 13 Jamaica. 

I grew up with tons of fruit trees growing wild and planted in our yard. Trees such as pimiento (allspice), papaya, Barbados cherry, June plum, Julie mango, ackee, East Indian mango, breadfruit, avocado (pear), bananas, plantains, jujube, coconuts, pomegranate, star apple (camaito), almond and a variety of guavas. 

I migrated to Yonkers, NY but never lost my love for the gardening lifestyle. I couldn’t grow fruit trees due to the temperatures in the north-east, but my family always planted a vegetable garden starting in the spring.  There is simply no comparison between garden fresh herbs and veggies, and what’s in the supermarkets.

After moving to Riverview, FL in 2004, I began seeing a number of trees I grew up with, all around me.  I met a like-minded friend, who became my business partner after we grew our hobby into a business. 

After a few years of special orders we decided to expand our business model. We started to ship mangoes to multiple states as well as in-person appearances at farmers markets and trade shows in our area.



Rod - (813) 748-4282

Hello, my name is Roderick (Rod).  I was born in Goldsboro, NC (Go Tarheels).  I am the inspiration for the ‘Caro’ portion of Caromaica. I was raised in a rural close-knit community named Parkstown, NC. I grew up with an abundance of fruits and vegetables mostly grown by my family. I had to grow up in order to appreciate the vegetables, but fruits have always been at the top of my list.  Some of my favorites as a child were red/yellow plums, watermelons, muscadines, blueberries, cantaloupes, cherries, apples, strawberries, peaches, & pears. 

I basically grew up on a farm. My grandfather and two of my great uncles were farmers.   I followed my grandfather around as much as possible when I was really young.  In the process I was exposed to growing everything from cabbage to zucchini.

I moved to Florida in 2005.  When I bought my first home I purposely bought a home with a smaller yard because at that time I had no desire to grow anything, but I had no idea how much growing things was apart of me.  In 2009 I decided to plant some blueberry bushes in my back yard.  When I went to a local nursery I saw a sign that said Cogshall condo mango.  I was intrigued.  That 1st Cogshall mango is what started my obsession with tropical fruits.  From that point on I have spent a lot of my free time reading, growing, experimenting, and as much as possible sampling tropical fruits.

I have known my business partner Dane since 1997.  We worked together in NC and not once did we ever speak about tropical fruits or growing anything for that matter. Then one day shortly after I bought that first mango tree he stopped by my house.  Shortly after that between the both of us we had a tropical fruit collection that would rival any of the local nurseries in quality & quantity.  In 2015 we decided to turn our hobby into a business.

Today we are Caromaica Tropical. "A taste of the tropics in your backyard." We created a business, but we still have the customers mentality.  Whether it’s needing the newest mango or tropical fruit tree variety, grafting classes, growing applications, needing general advice, or searching for a hard to find item for a customer, we understand the importance of listening and focusing on what each customer is requesting.  We encourage our customers to engage in dialogue about the items that affect them the the most and attempt to share the everyday problems and successes they encounter while growing their tropical paradise.